Herbal Lore Liqueurs and 65Main Guest House

Hi All,

Yes it is me again.

Had another hair-cut over the weekend and I look fabulous….heee heee

Lots of things coming up for Roger and the team.

This weekend the team will be at Back to Booktown Fair, Saturday and Sunday (5th & 6th) in Clunes (Vic) 9am to 5pm both days.

Might ask Roger to pick up a couple of special books…King Arthur and Sir Lancelot maybe! LOL

And did you know that 65Main Guest House has some packages where you get Herbal Lore Liqueur product….maybe it is the Liqueur Chocolate or the Liqueur Tasting Platter with all the liqueurs, port, liqueur chocolate and liqueur fruit.  Wow have to check that out at 65Main Great Taste !

Chat again soon,


Local’s Night – Herbal Lore Liqueurs teams up with Grange Bellinzona

Hi there me again,

Did you hear…..did you hear??!!

Herbal Lore Liqueurs are teaming up with Grange Bellinzona in Hepburn Springs for “Local’s Night” as part of the Harvest Festival.

Sounds really nice….aparently, when you enter you receive a glass of Roger’s Liqueurs….lucky you!

Then you can taste Robyn Davies’ (area chef extrordinaire) special platter using Herbal Lore Liqueur products as well as other regional produce.

Wish I could go, but I am stuck here.

Anna said you have to book a table directly with Grange Bellinzona via phone 5348 2271    or email    bellinzona@grangecc.com.au.

Would be great to taste the food and of course the liqueurs in such a beautiful setting as the Grange Bellinzona.

Anyway, I miss out as usual 🙁

Bye for now,




Visit from ACE Training to our beautiful Butter Factory

Thanks Daryl Cohen and the Racers from ACE Training & Consulting who visited on Saturday (21.04.12).

We are sure you enjoyed all our beautiful Liqueurs, Award Winning Port, Liqueur Fruit and Liqueur Chocolates.

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day in Daylesford and surrounding areas.


Roger McLean and the Herbal Lore Liqueurs Team.

What a busy week here in Daylesford …..

Hello again,

What a busy week here in Daylesford it has been for Roger, Sue and Anna.

Andrea started this week.  Roger said Andrea will be doing Tasting Events in homes and workplaces.

Wow….that means you don’t have to come to Daylesford to sample and order the unique products….even though Daylesford is lovely LOL

Andrea will visit with all the products so the guests can sample and then order….then they will be delivered a couple of days later.

Could give it a great theme too……how about a Kitchen Tea with a difference; or a Hen’s night….Midnight Desire would be great for either of these themes.

The guys can do it too….have a night at the local RSL or bowling club…or even the car club.

Or just a bunch of friends and family who like the unique, special things in life.          Oh the ideas are endless!

Just call 03 5348 1920 or email info@herballoreliqueurs.com to book

Roger has also been preparing for his presentation on Sunday for the Kinglake Wellness Expo.  He’s on at 3.15 and will be talking about “The Benefits of Healing Self”.

And of course, I look amazing, with my beautiful timber bench tops and apothecary bottles all clean and shiny.  Aaahhhh just like new sheets on a bed. LOL

Roger’s beautiful liqueurs, liqueur fruit and of course the best port…Smoked Malt Whisky Tawny bottles are all ready for people to come and taste.

With Saturday mid 20’s and Sunday early 20’s weather forecast…Daylesford will look amazing….maybe a drive instead of lazying around at home..mmmmmmm??

Ok, chat next time.


Roger McLean is giving a talk on “The Benefits of Healing Self”

Roger-McLeanHello there,

Did you know Roger (McLean), is the creator of Herbal Lore Liqueurs.

I heard Roger mention that he will be at the Kinglake Ranges Wellness Expo on Sunday, 22nd April have a look at the events calendar (Events 22.04.12 ).

Roger will be giving a talk on “The Benefits of Healing Self” between 2.30 and 3.15pm too.

Well that sounds like something that I would like to hear but I will be stuck here!!

He will also have a stall under the verandah there; I am sure all the liqueurs, port, liqueur fruit and liqueur chocolates will be on sale.

Post again soon,


Roger and the girls are out doing Tasting Events!!

IMG-pack2-smallHi all,

I am feeling sad 🙁

Roger and the girls are out doing Tasting Events in homes and work places.

I overheard them talking about the bookings coming up.

They mentioned that they go to a home (or workplace) and take the liqueurs, port -(yes the award winning Smoked Malt Whisky Tawny too), the liqueur chocolates and the liqueur fruit…..all of it!

Then the friends and family of the homeowner get to try and order the products.

All you have to do is ring 5348 1920 or email info@herballoreliqueurs.com to make a booking

Where does that leave me….all alone.

So if you feel like a drive, I’m not going anywhere  🙁

Oh well, at least they are getting out and meeting wonderful people that enjoy all Roger’s unique products.

Well, bye for now,



Roger’s boxed up more Apricots Chocolates with Harmony Liqueur

Hi, me again.

If you’re around the beautiful area of Daylesford and surrounds, don’t forget to drop in to the tasting rooms.

Roger can talk to you about his beautiful liqueurs, port, liqueur fruits and liqueur chocolate.

I saw Roger packing another few boxes of his liqueur chocolates today….ahhhh decadent and in dark and milk chocolate.

See the picture of the Apricot chocolates – mmmm – using his apricots in Harmony liqueur….got your mouth watering haven’t I?

Anyway, hope to see you this weekend,