Herbal liqueurs hit the spot

Roger McLean was featured in Weekly Times Now on June 20, 2012.

IN MODERATE doses, it is said that wine can help prevent heart disease and some cancers.  But winemaker-turned-herbal alchemist Roger McLean has gone one better.  From his self-styled “apothecary” in Daylesford’s renovated Old Butter Factory, he creates a unique range of herbal liqueurs that are an Australian first. Click here to read full article

Join us at these upcoming events

Rural Lifestyle Expo
Saturday, 31st March 2012
9:30am to 5:00pm
Ballarat Showgrounds
820 Howitt Street
Wendouree Vic 3555
Stalls: H8-9

Wonderful community event….we help to make the most of all that rural lifestyle can offer. – Jane Bunn, Expo Ambassador WIN News

Back to Booktown
Saturday and Sunday
5th and 6th May 2012
9:00am – 5:00pm
Western Highway
Clunes Vic 3370

Clunes Booktown Festival is the biggest collection of rare, out-of-print, new, small-press publications, second hand and collectable books in Australia. We, amongst others will also have beautiful products (beverage and food) for you to sample and buy.

Anderson’s Mill Festival
Sunday, 1st April 2012
10:am – 5:00pm
Homestead Road
Smeaton Vic 3441

The historic 5 storey bluestone mill situated in Smeaton will again be the venue for the 2012 Anderson’s Mill Festival. In addition to local beverage and food producers, the festival offers visitors a large variety of art and craft stalls, blacksmithing and sheep shearing demonstrations, wood turning, pony rides and much, much, more.

What makes Herbal Lore Liqueurs so special

Herbal-lore-facadeA few days ago I emailed you and I told you about how Herbal Lore Liqueurs got started. That was a first for me. Until then, I hadn’t publicly told of my experience with starting what has become an internationally renowned and award winning line of herbal liqueurs.

Many of you expressed surprise after hearing I hadn’t the intention of starting another business at the time. Others were curious about why I don’t mass produce each liqueur; still others wondered about the costliness of the products.

In each case, the response was heart warming! I have a surprise for you below, a special thanks from me to you.  The Herbal Lore range of products is not for everyone. To some they might be unaffordable. I believe when one considers the rarity, or understood the process that began with the painstaking process of aging each, individual stave as well as ascertaining the origin of each stave with regards to the exact forest and district where it had grown, the consideration of cost might be looked at differently.
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How an international award winning liqueur got started.

Roger-McLeanDear Friend,

I think we’re a lot alike. We shared the spirit of the holidays with loved ones buying all sorts of special gifts hoping to make as many as happy as we can. I would go as far as to say we probably made a few small dreams come true with our generous gifting and giving.

We sometimes get frustrated by things we can’t change like our health, finances, love relationships, what seems like lack of quality control in products and services and of course – useless politicians!

We don’t ask for much in return. As a matter of fact, all I need these days is to find something to feel good about, and I wanted the same for the people I care about – especially during the holiday season.

On the other hand, the holidays can be a downer often leaving us wondering if there is more to life than the hustle and bustle of shopping and more materialistic consumerism.

In spite of it all, I still look for special, unique ways to spread happiness and joy even if it means going out of my way to do so. I look for new experiences with the finer things in life, especially if they are shrouded in a little mystery from the romantic, chivalrous days of lore. I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to create such wonderfully special moments almost on a daily basis. Let me tell you how.
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