What makes Herbal Lore Liqueurs so special

Herbal-lore-facadeA few days ago I emailed you and I told you about how Herbal Lore Liqueurs got started. That was a first for me. Until then, I hadn’t publicly told of my experience with starting what has become an internationally renowned and award winning line of herbal liqueurs.

Many of you expressed surprise after hearing I hadn’t the intention of starting another business at the time. Others were curious about why I don’t mass produce each liqueur; still others wondered about the costliness of the products.

In each case, the response was heart warming! I have a surprise for you below, a special thanks from me to you.  The Herbal Lore range of products is not for everyone. To some they might be unaffordable. I believe when one considers the rarity, or understood the process that began with the painstaking process of aging each, individual stave as well as ascertaining the origin of each stave with regards to the exact forest and district where it had grown, the consideration of cost might be looked at differently.
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