Ginseng – The Total Body Tonic


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Ginseng: The Total Body Tonic

The aroma of this liqueur, earthy and warm, opens one to an unusual experience reflecting strength, solidity and a sense of being safe at home. Taking nine years to create, unlocking the inner essence of this beautiful, rich, powerful herb, Ginseng is earthy, real, expressing the solid foundation of ‘home’.
Siberian Ginseng, with which this liqueur is made, is recognized as one of the best adaptogens to man. This is a substance which assists the body in coping more easily with physical, mental or emotional stress.
Our Ginseng liqueur is made solely with the Siberian Ginseng root. It is strong; it is powerful; it is earthy; it is special and unique. The processes involved with our creation of this liqueur means the energy of the herb, its pure essence, is expressed and available for an individual to experience at whatever level they desire, no matter how little or big the need. And the taste- beautiful!

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