Midnight Desire – Passionately Alluring


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Midnight Desire: Passionately Alluring

The sultry, warming headiness of the aroma of this exotic liqueur greets you with a richness both tantalizing and mysterious. Reminiscent of the exotic gypsy nature, this liqueur will lure you into a many leveled experience creating a tantalizing play with three distinct flavours- one at the front of the palate, one at the back and one after you swallow.
Midnight Desire, made only with one herb, Damiana, creates powerful magic and healing on a number of levels. As an aphrodisiac, it is stimulating for both men and women. As well as supporting the female reproductive system, the energy of this beautiful liqueur also works to open creativity and intuition in both men and women. With this liqueur, your passionate experiences can reach greater depths and often will touch the unknown feelings of expression. This luscious liqueur is sure to please anyone wishing to experience more passion in life and love.

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Dimensions 30 x 10 x 10 cm


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