Mirus – Power Lifter


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Mirus: Power Lifter

The aroma of this complete, richly intense liqueur, the ‘Power Lifter’, made with thirty two herbs, heralds the beginning of an adventure which changes with every sip. In the uplifting family, Mirus is the most intense of the three. She is strong, powerful and yet incredibly elegant. Mirus, the queen, is a complex, intense blend in which Calendula is the dominant herb. Created to awaken dormant creativity, Mirus stirs the inner depths of our Soul stimulating and tantalizing us to explore the unknown parts of our being. Often referred to as ‘elation in a glass’, this superb, energizing liqueur can be helpful in restoring balance in lifting our confidence in making known the unknown. The subtle myriad of flavours, just out of reach of our conscious recognition, tempts us, lifts us to continue exploring ‘just a bit more’.

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