About Us


Intoxicating aromas, beautiful flavours and the synergy of herbs await you in perfection as you experience the delight and magic of Herbal Lore. Each herbal liqueur, elegantly crafted by our master blender, offers unique opportunities to savour the beauty of nature in our palate pleasing elixirs.



Three different ranges, eight different herbal liqueurs, each offer a unique experience of flavour that creates a true gift for the senses.

Liqueur Fruits

A “must have” accessory for any food loving experience as it adds exquisite, rich flavour to many of you favourite dishes.

Special Gifts

Books, poems, inspiration and gifts to complement your adventure with the magic of healing in every way.


These beautiful tawnys are carefully aged in very old oak spirit barrels, giving each of the tawnys their unique characteristics and flavour.

Terra Australis Distillery

Our range of gins are beautifully crafted with specially chosen botanicals, superbly blended for incredible smoothness.