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Ginseng Liqueur

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Ginseng Liqueur


It took nine years to unlock the inner essence of this rich and powerful herb to create Herbal Lore’s Total Body Tonic.

Siberian Ginseng, used to make this liqueur, is recognised world-wide as one of the most effective adaptogens known to man. An adaptogen, or adaptogenic factor, is a substance which assists the body in coping with physical, mental or emotional stress.

Siberian Ginseng comes from a shrub native to the Far East. Its yellow or violet flowers grow in umbrella shaped clusters which turn into round black berries in late summer. The roots, which are traditionally used in healing, have a most unpleasant taste, so extracting the beauty of their inner essence was quite a task.

Siberian Ginseng is truly a ‘total body tonic’. It is frequently used to address underlying weaknesses within the body which can lead to a variety of conditions. Regular use helps provide long term energy and the ability to cope with the various stresses of modern life.

Almost every system and function of the human body benefits from Siberian Ginseng, affecting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing on many levels.

It is known to support the natural healing power and self-regulating ability of the body. As a powerful cleanser and purifier of the blood, all bodily functions affected by blood, heart and circulation in general are enhanced with the use of Siberian Ginseng. People have been known to experience improved circulation, more stable blood pressure, more restful sleep, higher levels of concentration as well as greater levels of stamina and energy.

Regular use has even been known to improve the immune system making one less susceptible to colds, flu or general malaise. Siberian Ginseng is truly a remarkable, magical and extremely valuable herb.

The flavour and aroma of Herbal Lore’s Ginseng liqueur is rich, strong, aromatic and earthy, not unlike a fine wine or port. The colour, too, is earthy and appealing with glorious purple and red hues. It could indeed be taken for the pleasure of its taste alone.

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