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Harmony Liqueur

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Harmony Liqueur


Harmony is made with eleven healing herbs of which Elder Flower is the predominant herb.

All parts of the Elder bush have healing qualities and medicinal uses, which explains why it has been called ‘the medicine chest of the people.’ The flowers of the Elder bush, which we use to create Harmony, are tiny, scented, creamcoloured flowers that burst into life in summer.

Elder Flowers are traditionally used to lower fevers and relieve the symptoms of colds, influenza, sinusitis, congestion from mucus, hay fever and other upper respiratory tract problems. As well, the flowers have mild diuretic, laxative, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

Known as the ‘Gentle Uplifter’, this delicate, subtle, slightly fruity liqueur has the simplicity, purity and sweetness of a young maiden. With Elder Flower in balanced combination with 10 other supporting herbs, Harmony helps gently uplift the spirits so we can move beyond the rigours of everyday life.

As the mildest and least complex of the Golden Liqueurs, it is a good place to start on your healing journey. From a taste point-of-view, sweet-scented Elder Flower adds a special touch of magic to this delicious liqueur. It creates a silky smooth, honey-like experience, as if one were drinking liquid gold.

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