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Mirus Liqueur

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Mirus Liqueur


Made with a blend of 32 herbs, Mirus is the most complex and intense of our uplifting family of liqueurs – strong and powerful, yet supremely elegant in aroma, texture and taste.

Calendula, the dominant herb, has been valued as a medicinal herb for both internal and external applications since the time of the ancient Greek, Roman and Arabic empires. Aromatic and long-living, the Calendula bush features bright green, lanceolate leaves and vivid yellow-to-orange flowers.

Herbalists consider Calendula to be an excellent antiseptic healing herb beneficial for all forms of skin care. Soothing inflammation, controlling bleeding, healing damaged tissue from burns, wounds, sunburn are some of the many benefits enjoyed from the external use of Calendula. Internally, Calendula has been used to heal inflammatory conditions of the digestive system including ulcers of the mouth, throat and stomach, colitis, hepatitis and swollen glands. Because of its mild oestrogenic effects, Calendula may also be beneficial for menstrual and menopausal difficulties and problems.

Mirus, or the Queen, is a complex and intense blend with Calendula working in synergy with 31 other herbs. Often referred to as ‘elation in a glass’, this energizing liqueur is a subtle myriad of flavours. Created to awaken dormant creativity, Mirus stirs the inner depths of our soul, stimulating us to explore the unknown parts of our being.

Mirus is not for the faint hearted. It is for anyone wishing to experience a more wholesome presence of being. Mirus helps restore balance, while lifting our confidence in unfolding the mysteries of the self.

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