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Reflections Liqueur

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Reflections Liqueur


Made with a blend of fourteen herbs, with Spearmint taking the dominant role, Reflections holds pride of place in our uplifting Golden Liqueurs range for the refreshing wake-me-up effect it has on the system.

Spearmint is a sweet-scented perennial that grows long, bright green leaves with serrated edges that emit that distinctive mentholated minty taste and smell.

The effect of this slightly spicy liqueur can be felt from the first sip, taking the palate by surprise to awaken and refresh the mouth and throat, followed by an exhilarating explosion of flavour.

Long used across the world for its medicinal properties, Spearmint is known to relieve symptoms relating to the nervous, urinary, muscular, immune and upper respiratory systems. However, it is more commonly used to aid the digestive system. Among its many applications, Spearmint is known to relieve symptoms of nausea, vomiting, indigestion, upset stomach, stomach cramps and colic in children. It has even been known to help ease menstrual cramps and morning sickness.

Spearmint marries beautifully with the thirteen other herbs selected to create Reflections, making a delightful easy-to-drink liqueur, of medium intensity and complexity. Created to restore and revitalize the life force, which may indeed enhance longevity, it is easy to understand why Reflections is called The Rejuvenator.

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